About Us

About Us

1. When did Lesli Canada open its Toronto Office?
Lesli Canada opened its Toronto office in September, 2009 as the first marketing subsidiary of Lesli Group.

2. What is Lesli Group ?
Lesli Group is one of the top washing machine manufacturers in China. The company was established in1993 and now is an integrated enterprise that specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing various types of washing machines. Lesli Group produces and sells assembled washing machines and exports washing machine molds and relevant technologies. We are developing a mold department and we will export more than hundred sets of washing machine molds per year. Lesli Group develops and manufactures the Lestech brand of TV wall mounts and desk top monitor supports. Lesli Group website : http://www.lesli.com.cn/english/

3. What is the relationship between Lesli Canada and Lesli China?
Lesli Canada is an Ontario Corporation with Lesli Group being a shareholder. Lesli Canada acts as a subsidiary of Lesli China.

4. What products does Lesli Canada sell?
Lesli Canada sells the Lestech tv wall mounts and desk top monitor supports, Lesli washing machines and the Les Mold industrial products.

5. What products does Lesli Canada buy?
Lesli Canada acts like a trading company buying raw materials, commodities, parts and finished goods to be resold in China.

6. What territories does Lesli Canada cover?
Lesli Canada can sell into Canada, USA, Mexico and all of Central and South America.